School of Leaders in the G12 System

Disciple making is a continuous process. It will not just end up in Post-Encounter stage. After the Post- Encounter, the student will now enter the School of Leaders. The School of Leaders prepares cell members to fulfill Christ's call upon their lives carefully preparing them for disciple making and cell leading. The topics in this school type gathering include foundational Christian doctrine. Students also will be taught in personal development, Christian life skills and cell leadership. Along with the Encounters, the School of Leadership gives complete and effective training in disciple making.

One of the reasons why a believer should undergo the School of Leaders is to prepare that believer to become an efficient cell leader with the ability to win lives for Christ. This trained leader now can duplicate the process and continue to disciple new believers until they become successful leaders. It is a course of uncomplicated teaching, orientated to practical things, which motivates people to learn themselves.

Basically the courses cover three primary areas of study and ministry activation. The number one area is building the foundations in Christ. This focuses on building a strong and meaningful foundation for your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ as well as a foundation for Christian living. It actually includes the doctrines of the Bible as well as seminars on the family and courtship.

Another is about cell group ministry. This focuses on preparing and training the believer in the fundamentals of leading a Cell Group as well as seminars on intercession, evangelism and service. After the Disciples knew how to lead a cell group they will be taught now on the leadership skills through the Government of 12. Essential leadership skills and anointing necessary to mentor leaders will now be imparted. This is necessary to multiply cell groups and build groups of 12. There is then deeper instruction in the process of Consolidation, the role of Holy Spirit in their lives and ministry, and counseling. This School of Leaders will usually last for three semesters of ten weeks each.